Defending champion SSG, which is closely chasing pro baseball leader LG by 1.5 games, is worried about the sluggishness of starting pitchers. As of the 24th, the average ERA of SSG starters is 4.62, the highest in the league. Kirk McCarty, who played in 13 games in the first half, played an ace role with 7 wins (3 losses) and an average ERA of 2.52, but the rest of the starting pitchers, including Roennis Elias, who joined as a substitute foreign player during the season, veteran Kim Gwang-hyun, and young P. Oh Won-seok, exposed ups and downs. SSG has entered the second half and has not yet confirmed who will be assigned the 5th starter.포커카지노

The sluggish performance of underhand pitcher Park Jong-hoon (32) was particularly disappointing. He made his first start this season against Hanwha on April 7, leading the team to a 7-3 victory with six scoreless innings and announcing a good start. But soon the jegu hunting came. He easily gave up walks because he couldn’t put the ball in the strike zone, and the game collapsed at once without overcoming the self-inflicted crisis. Park Jong-hoon started 13 games this season and recorded 6 losses (1 win) with an average ERA of 6.31 and gave up 44 walks.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung gave Park Jong-hoon a chance. Every time he had difficulty with his control, he went down to the second team and had to go through a period of adjustment. However, Park Jong-hoon started against the Incheon KIA on the 5th and came down the mound early with 2.2 innings, 6 hits, 4 walks and 5 runs. Unable to repay the coach’s trust, he was eventually dropped from the first team entry. Director Kim, who decided to expunge Park Jong-hoon for the third time this season, said, “(Park) Jong-hoon had to come back to life, so I waited patiently, but the current (sluggish) appearance seems to be Jong-hoon’s appearance.”

Park Jong-hoon’s opportunity to restore his reputation as a starting pitcher has come again. This is because as soon as the second half started, games were canceled due to rain, and the SSG starting rotation changed. SSG predicted Oh Won-seok, McCarty, and Kim Gwang-hyun as starting pitchers for three consecutive weekday matches against Samsung in Daegu from the 25th.

Starting on the 28th, Hanwha will be called to Incheon to play three consecutive weekend games, but the starting pitcher for Saturday has not yet been decided. Coach Kim is considering Park Jong-hoon, who has a good record against Hanwha, as one of the starting candidates.

Park Jong-hoon, who made his debut in the first team in the 2011 season, has appeared in 33 matches against Hanwha until this season, recording 17 wins (6 losses) and 1 hold with an average ERA of 3.30. Coach Kim mentioned various possibilities such as a bullpen day and said, “(Park) Jong-hoon is preparing for the Hanwha match. It wasn’t this year, but it’s a situation where I can’t think of the strong side of Hanwha overall.”

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