Is KIA looking for a foreign player to replace Adonis Medina, turning its eyes to Taiwan? Local media reported that right-hander Mario Sanchez (29‧ Tongi Lions) was heading to KIA, drawing attention to the authenticity and success.카지노사이트

‘CPBL Stats’, which conveys Taiwanese baseball news, reported on the 2nd that Sanchez had signed a contract with KIA, citing reports from multiple Taiwanese media. Taiwanese media are already making the contract with KIA a fait accompli, such as reporting on Sanchez having a farewell party.

Regarding this, a KIA official denied the fact of an official contract, saying, “I know it before the contract.” However, considering the level of reports in the local media, it seems clear that there are detailed discussions on the contract.

Sanchez, from Venezuela, has no major league career, but has had a minor league career. He went 44-33 with a 3.94 earned run average in 210 games (77 starts) over 10 career minor league seasons. He bounced back and forth between the starters and the bullpen. He started 16 of 34 Triple-A games, posting an earned run average of 5.32. He also played at Triple-A last year, but never had a major league call-up opportunity.

He has nothing special in his American performance, but in the Taiwanese league, he was one of the best pitchers in the league this year. He was pitching powerfully with an ERA of 1.44 and an average of 8 wins and 1 loss in 10 games (9 starts). He doesn’t strike out a lot, but he has good slugging control, and his walks per 9 innings are low at 1.6. He also had an excellent WHIP with a score of 0 (0.93).

Sanchez was selected as the Taiwan League Pitcher MVP in June and played an active role as a key pitcher for Tung-yi. According to local media reports, KIA dispatched scouts to the Taiwan league to check Sanchez, and Sanchez’s contract is known to have a contract termination clause, so there is no particular obstacle to KIA.

KIA newly selected Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina this year to build a foreign pitching pool, but both players are falling short of expectations. In particular, Medina only had an average ERA of 6.05 with 2 wins and 6 losses in 12 games of the season. Despite being able to throw fast sinkers of up to 150 km/h, he was unable to do his part due to his jagged throwing and inexperienced game management.

Then, on June 22, KIA excluded Medina from the first group. Manager Kim Jong-guk confirmed at the time that there would be no more first-team appearances for Medina, and admitted that he was in the process of being replaced.

KIA looked for players in the United States, but it seems that the local circumstances were not suitable, and it seems that they eventually found candidates in Taiwan. At one point, the name of Thomas Panoni, who came as a substitute foreign player last year and performed well, was mentioned, but it is interpreted that he saw Sanchez first. Panoni was nominated for transfer on the 2nd, but he needs more time to carry out procedures such as waiver notification, and the possibility of signing with another team cannot be ruled out.

Players who played in Taiwan do not need to adapt to the jet lag, and the build-up time is short as they have been playing consistently until recently. There is a theoretical possibility that if the contract is signed right away and the visa is issued, he can join immediately and play in the last three consecutive matches in the first half. For the KIA, which has a difficult starting lineup, there is a possibility that a replacement foreign player will prefer a player who can join quickly.

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