I climbed the stairs I wanted to climb so badly. They overcame their inherent fears and achieved an upgrade.

In the Group 1 Group E standings game of the EVISU SPORTS Bae 2023 The K Workplace Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) at a gymnasium near Gwanak-gu, Seoul, on Sunday, Shin Jae-wook (11 rebounds, 3 assists) poured in 23 points, including three 3-pointers, while Lee Sung-guk (14 points, 6 rebounds, 4 3-pointers) and Kang Min-sung (12 points, 8 rebounds) supported the team to defeat LG CNS 66-54 for their first win of the tournament.

It was a great day for the new structure. Shin Jae-wook, Kang Min-seong, Kim Dong-wook (2 points, 14 rebounds), Kim Jae-hong, Seo Wook-il (4 points, 4 assists), and Jung Jin-hyuk (7 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals) were all newcomers to the tournament and played their part in the team’s victory. Ace Lee Sung-guk was also able to shake off his slump and return to his old form thanks to their performances. Lim Jun-hyun led his teammates on and off the court to victory.

LG CNS was led by Choi Young-mook, who has been playing well throughout the tournament, with 19 points and nine rebounds. The standout was his incredible focus, as he made all 10 of his free throws on the night, making him the first player in The K Workplace Basketball League history to make at least 10 free throws and record a 100% success rate. Kim Eung-nam (15 points, 3 assists, 2 3-pointers) took the pressure off his teammates after recovering from a finger injury, while Kim Seok-joo (9 points, 10 rebounds, 3 3-pointers) supported him. So Soon-won (2 points, 4 rebounds), Kim Hyun-seong (8 rebounds), Han Jung-woo (6 points), and Lee Sang-hyun (3 points, 7 rebounds) also worked hard to ease the burden on their teammates’ shoulders.

From the very beginning, Delivery Nation showed its will to win. Shin Jae-wook shined. He was in and out of the midrange and 3-point line, and showed incredible focus to score 11 points in the first quarter alone. He was supported by Kang Min-seong and Jung Jin-hyuk, while Lee Sung-guk and Kim Dong-wook actively dug in under the basket to empower their teammates.

LG CNS didn’t stand still either. Han Jung-woo took the lead. He showed his penetrating ability and scored a three-pointer to set the tone. Choi Young-mook also improved his shooting, hitting all six of his free throws after being fouled by his opponent. Lee Sang-hyun and Kim Seok-joo also worked hard to support the team.

The second quarter continued to be close. LG CNS brought in Kim Eung-nam, who had been waiting to come off the bench, to match the opposing offense. Living up to his teammates’ expectations, Kim dug deep, scored, and hit three-pointers, scoring nine points in the second quarter alone. Kim Seok-ju also hit two three-pointers in a row to further boost the momentum.

Delivery Nation was led by Lee Sung-gook. He hit three consecutive three-pointers in the second quarter to energize his team. Seo Wook-il made passes in sync with his teammates’ movements, and Kang Min-seong, Kim Dong-wook, and Jung Jin-hyuk worked hard to support their efforts.

In the second half, Deliverance stepped up their game. Lee Sung-gook once again hit a three-pointer, while Kim Dong-wook, Jeong Jin-hyuk, Shin Jae-wook, Ahn Jun-yong, and Lim Jun-hyun joined in the scoring to further expand their radius. Ahn Jun-yong, Kang Min-sung, and Kim Jae-hong were not sparing with their time on the court, easing the burden on their teammates’ shoulders.

LG CNS was also led by Choi Young-mook, with Kim Eung-nam, Lee Sang-hyun, and So Soon-won relentlessly digging under the basket to shake up the opposing defense. Choi even managed to make a three-point shot, further increasing his focus. Han Jung-woo, Kim Seok-joo, and Kim Hyun-sung focused on defense and provided a boost from behind the arc.

The tense atmosphere shifted sharply in favor of the Nodong at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Based on the abundance of available players, the team took care of physical fitness by putting players in the right place at the right time. This played an important role in turning the tide of the game. Shin Jae-wook used the rest in the second and third quarters to build up his stamina, and he used it to his advantage in the fourth quarter, scoring 11 points, including two three-pointers. Thanks to Shin’s performance, LG CNS was able to afford to rest Lee Sung-guk until midway through the fourth quarter.

LG CNS tried to catch up once again as Choi Young-mook drove to the basket with Lee Sang-hyun, and Kim Eung-nam and Kim Seok-joo hit back-to-back three-pointers. However, their physical disadvantage caught up with them. To add insult to injury, So Soon-won sprained her ankle in the middle of the fourth quarter and had to leave the court.

NAVER took advantage of the opportunity. With Kim Dong-wook protecting the basket, Kang Min-seong, Jung Jin-hyuk, and Seo Wook-il scored inside and out alongside Shin Jae-wook. Instead of bringing in Shin Jae-wook, the team brought Lee Sung-guk back into the game to take center stage. After extending the lead, Kang Min-seong scored a three-pointer to end the game.

Meanwhile, the EVISU SPORTS (https://www.evisusports.com/) MATCH MVP of the game was Shin Jae-wook of Delivery Nation, who played a key role in his team’s victory with 23 points, 11 rebounds and three assists, including three three-pointers. He said, “I think we grew as a team by playing against strong teams during the qualifiers. Before today’s game, we practiced as a team because we were going up against a team that was ranked the same as us. Even though we didn’t have (Kang) Ji-han, who scored 30 points in the last game, we talked a lot with each other and prepared for the game.” “At the beginning, the coach told us to make only three shots from the mid-range, and it happened. From then on, the mood really picked up. I think our will to win led us in a good direction,” he said of the winning factor.

He was right. The will to win was stronger than ever. “We didn’t let up just because we were down early on. Rather, we asked the defense to be tighter, and we moved according to the coach’s preparation, and the plan worked well.” “In the qualification period, we started well and then lost the flow, but today, we just kept pushing,” he said.

It was all about selection and focus. He was able to switch things up, but at the same time, he was able to push through at times. “We had a good flow today. As a team, we play a lot of people every game, so we tend to make a lot of substitutions because we try to play more evenly than other teams. In fact, when I needed to get into the flow, I couldn’t get up properly. I’m also the type of player who gets up as I run. Of course, the coach means a lot to me, and I’m playing with gratitude. Today, we prioritized the win, so we played better when we needed to play than before.”

The victory was helped by being in a group with strong teams such as Hyundai Namyang Research Center B, Hyundai Mobis, Doosan Group, and Hyundai Mobis Research Center. “Actually, coming into this year, we didn’t know what to expect. All of the teams we faced in the qualifiers were stronger than us, so we played with the mindset of a spouse, and we played to the end. That’s what spurred us on internally and gave us the drive to grow,” he said.

“We were very nervous in the first two games because we hadn’t played in a tournament for a long time. As the games went on, our confidence grew and we adapted well.” Mo “I felt so much growth. I think I played better because I went from playing a team that was a step above me to playing a team that was equal to me. It’s kind of like a tolerance. I think we’ve stepped up as a team, and it’s great to be able to do that and still win. And as we’re getting bigger, we have a lot of younger players on the team and we’re getting bigger, so I’m hoping that next year we’ll be even better. I’m sure my teammates who couldn’t make it to the game today are watching it on YouTube, so I’m sure they’ll be happy.”메이저사이트

The team won its first victory in the tournament. They will be looking for their second win against Samsung SDI on the first of next month. “Actually, I won’t be able to play then due to my father-in-law’s seventieth birthday celebration. Instead, (Kang) Ji-han, who couldn’t play today, will play, so I think we’ll be able to show a better performance.” “I think we can win if we play as a team and with one mind like we did today. We have team training every Wednesday, and I think we’ll be able to show a better performance. Two wins, we can do it,” he encouraged his teammates.

“My family will be watching me play live,” he added. My son is four years old, and I told him before I left the house today that I was going to come home with a win, and I’m even happier that I did. My wife is very understanding about basketball, so she’s been able to come out to every game. I want to take this opportunity to thank my family for their support,” he said.

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