Returning to the original team is a backfire. It is a willingness to take a salary cut for the sake of a transfer.

The British media ‘Telegraph’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Romelu Lukaku (31) will accept an annual salary cut of 1 million pounds (about 1.7 billion won) to transfer to Inter Milan. Currently, Juventus and Inter Milan in Italy, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia is interested in him.”안전놀이터

Lukaku joined Chelsea from Inter Milan in the summer of 2021 for £87.5 million (about 145 billion won). He made a golden return to the team he played in as a teenager. Chelsea had high hopes for Lukaku, a youngster. As much as he conquered the Italian stage in the previous season, he hoped to play an active role as a main striker in Chelsea as well.

However, Lukaku completely betrayed the club’s expectations. One of the worst signings in Chelsea history. Due to his poor performance, he was pushed out of the competition for the starting position, and he was criticized for remarks that were sniping at the club during the season. Lukaku, who said he was “not happy at Chelsea,” went on loan to Inter Milan.

▲ Lukaku, who played for Inter Milan last season.

▲ Lukaku, who was disappointing at Chelsea in the 2021-22 season

▲ Romelu Lukaku has to return to Chelsea, but wants a complete transfer to Inter Milan.

Lukaku, who spent the 2022-23 season at Inter Milan, was scheduled to return to England following the expiration of his loan deal. However, Lukaku, who is interested in Chelsea, is refusing to return. Chelsea’s pre-season schedule will start soon, but it’s not news. At least, manager Mauricio Pochettino persuaded the player to return to his original team through an interview. “Lukaku has to return to Chelsea in time for pre-season. He has to stop by my office first, of course,” said Pochettino. It was a remark that sniped Lukaku, who did not follow the obvious steps.

Lukaku’s will is firm. He only has an Inter Milan return in mind. According to The Telegraph’s Matt Law, Lukaku is willing to take a £1m pay cut. When Inter Milan couldn’t afford his high salary, he even cut his salary for his transfer.

It seems to be the biggest concern of Chelsea, who dreams of rebounding in the 2023-24 season. Chelsea begin their pre-season schedule starting with a friendly match on the 20th. On the 14th of next month, we will face Liverpool in the first Premier League match.

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