The Korean men’s basketball team will play an evaluation match against Japan on the 22nd and 23rd at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium. It is the first time in five years since 2018 that Korea and Japan have played an evaluation match, and they have exchanged one win each. The day before the evaluation match, Korea trained for about an hour and a half at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium. Moon Seong-gon’s ankle condition is a red flag, but he participated in reference training and digested the evaluation match. 체스카지노

When asked about his physical condition, Moon Seong-gon, whom we met after training, said, “In fact, his physical condition is not good. He doesn’t want to make excuses though. I will do my best to win against Japan,” he said.

When asked how bad he was, he replied, “It’s bad enough that even the hospital tells me not to run. But the opponent is Japan. I want to do my best,” he replied.

Kim Seon-hyung, Oh Se-geun, and La Gun-a, who were missing due to injury, are the main players and senior line of the national team. Since they are missing, Moon Seong-gon must take the center stage as a senior member of the team. In addition, as the solver is missing, the importance of defense increases, so Moon Seong-gon’s role is more important. Moon Seong-gon said, “I want the coach to hold the center of defense. For example, it seems that they are ordering help defense from behind or catching the movement line.”

Regarding the atmosphere of the national team, Moon Seong-gon said, “It is very good. He has atmosphere maker Heo Hoon. He probably has some shaky parts because he doesn’t have a veteran, but those parts will be adjusted as he plays and trains. However, I am worried that our performance will not come out in the evaluation match. It can be bad with an honest story. I didn’t match my hands and feet a lot, and the practice period was short. There may be bad plays, but I want you to think of it as a process that is well adjusted in preparation for the Asian Games and look at it nicely.”

Moon Seong-gon went to Suwon KT after obtaining FA (free agent) qualifications in May. There is Ha Yoon-ki in the national team, and Heo Hoon, who will return in November. This national team is like a KT preparation for Moon Seong-gon.

Regarding this, “When the three of us play basketball, if ‘KT comes out!’, they all come together. I’m having fun. As you can see, (Heo) Hoon and (Ha) Yoongi are good players, so I think they will become a higher level player if I help them. He laughed, saying, “I want to go to a higher position than I do well, and I am well in sync with the size.”

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