The first Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a meaningful feast for all K-League past, present, and future.

The Korea Professional Football Federation held an induction ceremony for the K-League Hall of Fame on the 2nd at Ambassador Seoul Pullman Grand Ballroom in Jangchung-dong, Seoul. 4 generations). Kim Jong-nam was named in the leader category and Park Tae-joon in the contributor category.

The trophies presented to the inductees were studded with pure gold medals engraved with the Hall of Fame symbol, adding to the authority of the inductees.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of professional football, a total of 4 best players were selected for this year’s player category, one from each generation for each decade, and one leader and contributor were selected.

In the future, a candidate for dedication will be selected every two years. Among domestic professional sports, soccer is the first and only one to establish a Hall of Fame.

This Hall of Fame is meaningful in that it selected the best stars in the K-League, including not only the present but also the past and future.

Since the launch of the professional league in 1983, all players who have played for 40 years have been looked at, and the best of them have been selected to create the most valuable and honorable position.

It was a time to look back on history, so the Korea Professional Football Federation focused on not missing the past. On this day, 40 members of the OB Soccer Club, who had played in the K-League in the past, were invited to the event, and they shared the glory with the old soccer players who had been working hard for the development of Korean professional football for a long time.

An official from the Korea Professional Football Federation said, “The Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a place to honor the footsteps and history of the K-League. It was a look soaked in memories,” he explained.

When the past and the present were faithfully embraced, the future naturally followed.먹튀검증

As the history of the Hall of Fame piles up layer by layer and its meaning and value grow, players who will play in the K-League in the future can have a strong motivation and pride to ‘I want to engrave my name in that place’.

Head coach Hong Myung-bo, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the second-generation player, expressed his gratitude, saying, “I received many awards during my career as a player, but this award is the most meaningful among them.”

Shin Jae-won (Seongnam) and Shin Jae-hyeon (Ansan), two sons and active K-League players, who came together to celebrate their father Shin Tae-yong’s dedication (3rd generation player), said, “Being a K-League, I feel how great the path my father has walked is.” I will do my best to become the best player, surpassing my father who entered the Hall of Fame.”

As many generations of K-leagues gathered in one place, various concerns for the development of the league continued. The officials gathered in threes and threes before and after the event to exchange opinions on various pending issues. Coach Hong Myung-bo also said, “The K-League has developed a lot, but it needs to improve further. I will also work hard for the K-League to develop further in the field.”

Meanwhile, the Professional Football League plans to publicize and commemorate the achievements through year-round events, such as offline events, commemorative videos, and online memorial halls, such as invitations to home games of related clubs, with future inductees.

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