It’s been 3 years. After overcoming the long silence, we are all ready to stretch.

The K Basketball League (Chairman Lee Myung-jin) will kick off the 1st competition of the Ebisu Sports Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League for three months starting on March 25 at the gymnasium in Gwanak-gu, Seoul. 온라인카지노

Hosted and supervised by The K Basketball League and sponsored by Evisu Sports, STIZ, and Molten, this first tournament features a total of 29 teams, including the traditional powerhouse POLICE, Hyundai Mobis, Samsung Electronics SSIT, Hyundai Motor Namyang Research Center, and Goyang City Hall. decided to participate. They are divided into 6 groups and play the preliminary round, and then the final winner will be determined through the finals and ranking match between the same rankings in each group. 

In particular, prominent players known in club basketball, such as Jung Heung-joo and Park Hee-cheol, all came forward. As there is no division division only in this tournament, attention is focused on whether they will lead the team to the championship and become the true strongest.

This tournament will be broadcast live through The K Basketball League’s YouTube channel (, from preliminaries and finals to ranking matches and finals. Various contents such as TOP10 plays introducing the coolest plays, card news, and articles are provided, and can be found on The K Basketball League YouTube channel and The K Basketball League Naver TV.

On the other hand, starting with the Hyundai Mobis-Hyundai Mobis Lab match on the 25th, after completing the preliminary schedule on May 27th, the schedule ends with the final on July 1st.

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