Finally, the end of the Manchester United takeover battle is in sight.

The British media’The Sun’ reported on the 6th (Korean time) that the takeover battle that unfolded after the Glazer family decided to sell Manchester United was at an end. Sheikh Jassim looks set to take over Manchester United.

The Glazer family decided to sell Manchester United in November last year. Sheikh Jassim and Jim Ratcliffe were set to take over, but things fizzled out after that. Hardly ever decided. Jashim sent proposals five times and Radcliffe three times.안전놀이터

In the meantime, in the transfer market, Manchester United failed to sign anything significant, and criticism intensified. Only the story of director Eric ten Haag’s extensive killing department came out. The recent recruitment of Mason Mount is almost the only power reinforcement resource. Harry Kane (Tottenham), who was originally in mind, was close to going to Bayern Munich, and Victor Osimen (Napoli) chose to stay. Jude Bellingham has already moved to Real Madrid. To reinforce the defense, Kim Min-jae (Napoli) was listed as a recruiting target, but it failed in practice.

In response, some Manchester United fans protested by shouting “Glazer out!” According to The Sun, Glazer is expected to sign the acquisition process within hours. Sheikh Jassim is also said to be confident that they will take over Manchester United. It wasn’t long before a new chapter opened for Manchester United.

Ryu Ji-hyeok left the team due to a trade. The Kia Tigers’ infield is being reorganized once again with Ryu Ji-hyeok’s departure. In fact, it is safe to say that the 2023 best lineup of the KIA Tigers infield was formed.

First of all, there is something that has been announced to some extent with Ryu Ji-hyeok’s departure this time. It is Kim Do-young’s third baseman. Ryu Ji-hyeok was the most stable third base resource in Kia. When Kim Do-young was out with an injury, the void was not revealed as much as expected because of Ryu Ji-hyeok.

However, with Ryu Ji-hyeok’s departure, the possibility that Kim Do-young will be fixed as the starting third baseman is very high. Director Kim Jong-guk said in an official interview, “Kim Do-young’s injury may recur. The shortstop has so much movement that you can’t help but worry about it. Above all, Chan-ho is more stable in shortstop defense at this point.”

In addition, coach Kim Jong-guk expressed his intention to use Kim Do-young as a third baseman rather than a shortstop, saying, “If Chan-ho gets injured or cannot play, Do-young can also be used as a shortstop, but now he has to go to third base.”

Coach Kim Jong-guk hopes that defense is also defense, but Kim Do-young can break through the team’s offensive power. This is the reason why he continues to be fixed in the top batting line. Also, Park Chan-ho wants to play a more part in his defense.

At the same time, attaching two players in the 9th and 1st batting order is also intended to save the mobility of the two players. First of all, on the first day Ryu Ji-hyeok left, Kim Do-young carried out director Kim’s will well at Munhak Stadium. He drove in four hits, including a home run, and played a major role in the 17-3 victory.

Another is the role of Park Min in the managing director. Park Min is a resource who watched shortstop in high school. However, he mainly played third base after entering the professional league, and has recently been playing second base at Sangmu. He wants more than anything, he wants a spot where he can definitely start if Vaughn makes the campaign himself this year.

In that sense, Park Min’s position overlaps with Ryu Ji-hyuk’s. Even more so in that he is a resource to watch third and second base. Therefore, if Park Min is discharged, it means that he will most likely play the role of Ryu Ji-hyeok.

Lastly, the range of utilization of Kim Gyu-seong is expected to increase significantly compared to before.

At this point, it is Kim Kyu-seong who is most trusted as a utility resource who can play second base, third base, and shortstop.

Kim Gyu-seong is also the number one resource to enter if the position becomes vacant due to a pinch hitter in the second half.

It is highly likely that Kim Sun-bin will return to the lineup this week. Therefore, while maintaining a fixed lineup of second base Kim Seon-bin, third base Kim Do-young, and shortstop Park Chan-ho, Kim Gyu-seong’s lineup is the most likely to enter first in the event of an injury or replacement due to a second-half runner and great defense.

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