No matter where you win, the meaning is different.

For the past 10 years, the German Bundesliga has been the world of Bayern Munich. He has won the Bundesliga for 10 consecutive seasons. It was unprecedented in the history of Europe’s top five leagues.

In recent years, there has been nothing like this. In effect, it was a Bundesliga dictatorship.

This season is different. Munich is still in first place in the league, but there is a team chasing with a difference of one point. That’s Borussia Dortmund.

▲ Bellingham wants to go to Real Madrid with the German Bundesliga trophy.

Leading Dortmund is captain Jude Bellingham, born in 2003. Bellingham is likely to move to Real Madrid at the end of this season. He has already personally agreed to a specific contract with Real Madrid.

His annual salary is 12 million pounds (about 20 billion won). The expected transfer fee alone is a whopping 130 million pounds (approximately 218 billion won).카지노사이트

As a central midfielder, he shows near-perfect performance in both offense and defense. With his leadership and game management skills, he is currently evaluated as the most expensive player in world football.

In the previous match against Monchengladbach, he led Dortmund’s 5-2 win, including scoring. It is known that he has a strong will to lift the Bundesliga championship before going to Real Madrid.

Two games left until the end of the season. Winning on your own is hard. As for Dortmund, we have to win both games and see Munich’s results.

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