NC departs for Tucson, Arizona, USA on an Asiana Airlines flight at 2:40 pm on the 29th. Full-scale quenching for the 2023 season. 11 coaching staff and 43 players, including head coach Kang In-kwon, will participate.

A long journey of 39 days from February 29th to March 8th. CAMP2 starts with self-training on January 31st and runs until February 15th with 3 days of training and 1 day of rest. From February 16th, it will be in practice mode. The WBC national team (1 time), KIA Tigers (2 times), 안전놀이터 and KT Wiz (3 times) will have a total of 6 evaluation matches.

A number of new faces were added to the camp.

Catchers Park Se-hyeok and Han Seok-hyeon (Futures FA) recruited from the FA market, catcher Ahn Joong-yeol and pitcher Jeon Chang-min, who joined as free agent compensation players, were named. Rookie right-handed pitchers Shin Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho in 2023 were also included.

But the empty seats are huge.

Homemaker Yang Eui-ji, senior infielder Noh Jin-hyuk, and veteran bullpen Won Jong-hyun moved from free agency to Doosan, Lotte, and Kiwoom, respectively. As a reward player, infield prospect Joon-Young Park also went to Doosan. 15-win pitcher Drew Luczynski also left for the major leagues. Luchinski-Yang Eui-ji was the best battery in the KBO League in name and reality. The loss is great. In terms of long term, it is like taking all the tea and po. Veteran outfielders Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myung-ki, who are still in the free agency market, are not eligible for contracts.

There are so many empty spaces in the camp that need to be filled. Head coach Kang In-kwon, who is entering his first season as the official head coach. What kind of idea is he really thinking?

Coach Kang emphasized the systematic preparation and harmony of each player from CAMP1 (finishing training) last fall. He focused on planting his own routine for the winter. The first step towards sustainable growth. CAMP2 is an extension of CAMP1 in that respect. After the fall, there will be players who keep their routine and thoroughly prepare, and there will be players who do not. 2023 season of infinite competition. The starting line has to be different.

In an interview the day before the start of the camp, coach Kang said, “Last year, if we gathered together and became one team, this year will be the first season of a winning team.” To this end, at the spring camp, he said, “The goal is to show off their skills to the fullest in their respective roles and positions.”

Coach Kang emphasized, “Camp 2 is a real battle. We need players who can demonstrate their skills on the field with willpower.

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