On the 21st after the All-Star break, the KBO League enters the second half in earnest. The battle for rankings in the first half was hot, but the second half is expected to be even more intense. With the Lotte Giants moving forward with the replacement of foreign pitchers, when will that point and target be?온라인바카라

Lotte pulled out its first ‘knife’ on the 11th. Jack Rex, who had been playing with chronic quadriceps tendon pain, or knee injury, requested a waiver announcement from the KBO, and recruited Nico Goodrum, who can defend both in and outfield, as a new foreign hitter for an annual salary of $400,000 (about 500 million won).

Last year, Rex came into contact with Lotte as a substitute foreign hitter for DJ Peters, and took part in 56 games, recording 72 hits, 8 homers, 34 RBIs, 32 runs, and a batting average of 0.330 OPS 0.905, establishing himself as a ‘good fortune’. And after the season, Lotte succeeded in capturing Rex’s heart by offering him a contract worth 1.3 million dollars (about 1.6 billion won).

However, Rex’s appearance was different from last year. Rex was not active in outfield defense or running base play, and in 55 games, 50 hits, 4 homers, 30 RBIs, 20 runs batting average of 0.246 OPS 0.683 was sluggish, all because of knee pain. Rex had time to go down to the 2nd team for treatment during the season due to a knee injury, but it was difficult to expect his condition to improve over the course of the season, and Lotte eventually decided to break up with Rex first.

Based on the upward trend from the beginning of this year’s season, Lotte earned the maximum win by early June with +11 wins. However, after the start of June, the number of injured players among the ‘main axis’ players began pouring in, and a steep decline was drawn. Lotte kept the 50% win rate firmly despite the endless fall, but in the last game before the All-Star break, it collapsed to the 500% odds rate that was rarely broken as it knelt down to the NC Dinos.

They ended their accompaniment with Rex and succeeded in holding Gudrum in their arms. When the second half begins, Jeong-hoon and Ahn Kwon-soo, who were injured due to an injury, are scheduled to return, but Lotte’s concerns have not yet been completely resolved. The reason is the successive sluggishness of foreign pitchers.

Dan Strayley and Charlie Barnes, who have already been ‘verified’ in the KBO League. However, their performance in the first half was disappointing. Strayley and Barnes broke off a sluggish start last April where they failed to record a single quality start (less than 3 earned runs in 6 innings). Both of them seemed to show an improvement from May, but they are still continuing their ‘pongdang pongdang’ appearance.

In particular, in the case of Strayley, who has been playing for the 4th season in the KBO League, he has not added a single win since the KIA Tigers game on June 2nd, but after the confrontation with the KIA, he has never pitched more than 6 innings. Even in a situation where restraint is off due to aging, the command is inconsistent and sluggish.

Barnes is slightly better than Strayley. Barnes has had his ups and downs, but he has more quality starts than Strayley (3 QS) with a total of 7. In particular, 4 out of 7 times were quality starts + (3 earned runs or less in 7 innings). Barnes’ biggest problem is the ups and downs.

When Barnes is good, he shows the performance he had when competing for last year’s Monthly MVP title, but on days when he’s not feeling well, he’s going down indefinitely. Recently, there are a lot of early steel sheets such as 1⅓ innings, 2⅓ innings, and 3⅓ innings. In terms of consistency except for the impact, Strayley, who blocks 1-2 runs in 5 innings, is better than Barnes.

Prior to this season, Lotte showed off its ‘big hand’ aspect for a long time in the Stove League. Lotte signed a non-FA multi-year contract with ‘Ace of Glasses’ Park Se-woong with a total value of 9 billion won. declared ‘now’. However, the current performance is clearly far from what Lotte had in mind before the season began.

Lotte, who broke up with Rex before the end of the first half, is now busy with a foreign pitcher replacement card. Lotte is considering replacing a foreign pitcher in order to somehow raise the rankings in the second half and step on the postseason stage. This is because now in the second half, we have to increase the number of wins and pour out everything.

Both Strayley and Barnes are experiencing extreme sluggishness, but it cannot be denied that Strayley is more likely to be replaced at this point. The two have similar grades, but Barnes is slightly better than Strayley in terms of lefty and skill. While it is not easy to find a player that suits your taste in a bad foreign market situation, at what point will Lotte recruit a player to increase the number of wins?

The second half will resume on the 21st. The faster the recruiting progresses, the more time you can add strength to the team. The time for Lotte to make a decision is imminent.

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