For Kim Jin-yong (29, 198.8cm), the 2022-2023 season was a turning point in his basketball life.

In the middle of last season토토사이트, Kim Jin-yong underwent a major change in his basketball life. After joining the pro, he left Jeonju KCC, where he had been involved for six years, and moved to Goyang Carrot (now Goyang Sono). Having mainly played in the D-League at KCC, he played as a sixth man at Carrot. He averaged 14 minutes and 10 seconds in 11 regular league games, recording 6.0 points and 3.3 rebounds.

Kim Jin-yong, whom we met on the 22nd at the Goyang Gymnasium, said, “I think it was a turning point in my basketball life. I was not recognized by the coach and teammates at KCC, but I think coach Kim Seung-gi scratched the lottery ticket once. (Kim) Kang Seon-hyung and (Former) Seong-hyeon hyung helped me a lot. As a result, the skein worked well. All of my time on the court was happy. As a player, he should be on the court, so I was grateful and felt good,” he said, looking back on last season.

However, he also had a rough time after the season. This is because Day One Sports has not been able to pay salaries to the players since January of this year, and they visited the National Assembly and KBL to inform them of this. Fortunately, with Sono taking over the Day One squad, the team is now in a stable situation.

“I didn’t even get a penny from Day One. I didn’t want to leave Goyang because the fans sent me coffee every day during the hard times. I really wanted to stay, but fortunately Sono took over. It’s like a dream because you supported me so well. The team atmosphere is also very good. Even during training, the coaches, coaches, and hyungs created a good atmosphere, so I am exercising happily.” Jinyoung Kim says:

This season, Kim Min-wook, who was recruited from the free agent (FA) market, is expected to occupy the starting center position for Sono. The rest of the big men will have to compete for the sixth man spot. Since the big man team is not strong, it seems that Kim Jin-yong will be given a chance to play if he shows a good offseason.

Regarding this, Kim Jin-yong said, “Director Kim Seung-gi tells me that he has high expectations. He said, ‘Stupid people like you are good at basketball’ (laughs). It doesn’t seem to live up to expectations yet. In Sono, I have to play basketball differently from what I have played so far. You have to melt quickly through practice games and overcome the competition. I think that a player should do well when the coach pays attention to him.”  

Sono won 87-84 in a practice game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 22nd. Kim Jin-yong showed diligent movement under the goal and contributed to the victory. It seems that he will prepare for the season by steadily playing practice matches in the future.

Kim Jin-yong said, “Last season, I played without receiving a salary, so I thought that if I won, I did well, and if I lose, I can’t help it. But this season is different. We have to show you how much you support us. I think that if you want to make an impressive Sono like last season’s impressive Carrot, you will only be interested in getting good grades. The team’s name is Sky Gunners, which means shooters in the sky. I will do my best so that the team can go up to the sky and write a drama.”

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