What if Kim Ha-seong and Ohtani play on the same team? What trade card should San Diego present?

The biggest issue in the major leagues these days is whether to trade Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Angels), who is “all-around pitcher.” Will Ohtani really move to another team ahead of the trade deadline? If Ohtani is to be traded, what price will it have to pay?온라인카지노

On the 21st (Korean time), the MLB official website (MLB.com) listed Ohtani’s hypothetical trade scenarios under the theme of ‘Ohtani’s 9 trade possibilities identified through brainstorming’.

What kind of card should San Diego, where Kim Ha-seong plays, bring in Ohtani? ‘MLB.com’ predicted that San Diego would be able to appeal to the Angels only by sending infielder Jackson Merrill, who ranks first in the team’s “MLB Pipeline” and 9th overall, Dylan Lesco (3rd on the team, 64th overall), Adam Mazur (6th on the team), Alec Jacob (26th on the team), and left-handed pitcher Ryan Weathers.

‘MLB.com’ predicts that it will be possible to recruit Ohtani only after providing as many as five players. Will San Diego really be able to carry out a 5-to-1 trade to acquire Ohtani, a star player? In fact, San Diego signed a 6-2 trade last year to Washington for Juan Soto and Josh Bell from the Washington Nationals, sending Luke Voit, CJ Abrams, Mackenzie Gore, Robert Hassell III, James Wood, and Susana, who were cut.

Of course, it is unknown whether San Diego will carry out a large trade like last year. This season, with 46 wins and 51 losses, the team is in 4th place in the National League West Division. However, ‘MLB.com’ emphasized that carelessness (?) is prohibited, saying, “Let’s assume that San Diego suddenly jumped into the wild card competition. San Diego is famous as a team that makes large-scale trades at the trade deadline.”

On this day, ‘MLB.com’ predicted that it would be difficult for the Los Angeles Dodgers to get approval from the Angels unless they had a large-scale prospect package, such as predicting that the LA Dodgers would have to offer six players, including right-hander Bobby Miller, to make a deal to bring Ohtani. It means that the value of Ohtani is enormous.

Ohtani is having an unbelievable season this year, recording 7-5 with a 3.50 ERA as a pitcher and a .306 batting average as a hitter with 35 home runs, 76 RBIs and 11 stolen bases. In a word, it is a reality that you have to endure a lot of bleeding to bring a player who is decorating a page of history.The Tampa Bay Rays, which reigned as the strongest team in the American Major League (MLB) at the beginning of this season, are falling helplessly.

Tampa Bay lost 3-4 in the home game against the Baltimore Orioles today (21st), and was on the verge of collapse with a season record of 60-40 (0.600 win rate) with a win rate of 60%.

It also came down from the top of the American League (AL) overall winning percentage, which had been running since the beginning of the season. Currently, Tampa Bay is second in the AL, one game behind Baltimore.

The problem is that the downtrend is too steep. Tampa Bay has recorded the fewest wins among the league’s 30 teams, posting only three wins while losing 12 so far this month.

It is all the more unusual because it was Tampa Bay, which started as the strongest team in MLB history with 30 wins and 9 losses, including 13 consecutive wins since the opening, which was the tie record for the most consecutive wins in MLB since 1900.

Ace Shane Mcclanahan returns from injury. Photo = AP Yonhap News
Tampa Bay’s recent slump stemmed from the collapse of its pitching staff. This is because pitchers who were in the starting lineup were injured one after another and left the rotation.

Jeffrey Springs (30) ended the season with Tommy John surgery (elbow ligament surgery) due to an elbow injury last April, and Drew Rasmussen (27) was also diagnosed with a right elbow flexor sprain in May and moved to the IL (injured list) on the 60th.

As Josh Fleming (27) and Garrett Clevinger (29) were also out of the bullpen due to injuries, the pitching squad itself was weakened. It is not too much to say that the pitching staff has been devastated.

In this situation, Tampa Bay has to play three more games in a row with Baltimore, who is on the rise right now. If the worst happens, giving up all three games, you can’t even guarantee an AL wild card ticket.

That’s because the Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays are pressing Tampa Bay by a 4.5 game gap. The wild card 4th place Boston Red Sox and 5th place New York Yankees have not given up their hopes for fall baseball, so a change of atmosphere is urgent.

That’s because ace Shane McClanahan, 26, returned from IL on the 15th, and past ace Tyler Glasnow, 29, also recently returned. Considering Zach Eflin (29), who is firmly guarding the rotation, we have a competitive 1st to 3rd starter. If the cycle of batters who went down all at once rises, it may provide an opportunity for a reversal.

Tampa Bay, which was expected to be the best season in franchise history this season, is paying attention to whether it will be able to rise above the current ordeal.

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