“Then did Hyeonjong have to hit the Pirella?”

Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 15th. A fan signing event was in full swing ahead of the All-Star Game. Choi Hyeong-woo (40), the eldest brother of KIA, watched the reporters and poured out remarks to the KBO referees and video review center.카지노사이트

At the beginning of the 3rd inning when it was 0-0, it was 2 out and 1st base. Samsung’s Jose Pirella pushed out a bat to Hyeon-jong Yang’s changeup, hit a ground ball, and then ran inside the infield fair/foul line. Yang Hyeon-jong, who caught the batted ball, was obscured by Pirella, and it was difficult to throw normally to first baseman Choi Won-joon. In the end, I slightly twisted it and apologized, and Choi Won-joon also put the mitt in an awkward position. In the end, it became a bad song.

Coach Kim Jong-guk applied for a video review, but it was concluded that he had no intention of obstructing defense while running Pirella. Then, coach Kim risked being sent off and strongly appealed to the referees. It was embarrassing for director Kim. On June 16, there was a similar controversy at the Gwangju NC Games, but the conclusion was different from that at the time.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, when KIA fell behind 9-10, a chance for 1st and 2nd bases. Shin Bum-soo put a sacrifice bunt against Ryu Jin-wook. Ryu Jin-wook, who caught the ball, initially aimed for third base, but soon turned around and threw to first base. At that time, Shin Bum-soo also ran inside the infield fair/foul line and did not leave the three-pit.

At the time, NC coach Kang In-kwon’s request for a video reading went through. The video reading center declared Shin Beom-soo’s defensive obstruction. It was interpreted that there was an intention to interfere with Ryu Jin-wook’s throw. At the time, Ryu Jin-wook did not appear to have escaped Shin Beom-soo and apologized. Nevertheless, Shin Beom-soo’s defensive obstruction was recognized.

Manager Kim Jong-guk, who remembered the results of this decision, could not help but understand why Pirella was not declared obstructing the defense. It is Choi Hyeong-woo’s story that after that, the KIA players were simply disappointed and upset at the conclusion of the video review center, regardless of the win or loss of the game that day.

Choi Hyeong-woo said, “Isn’t there inconsistency in the judgment? So, did Hyeonjong have to hit Pirella? It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve been harmed. In the end, if you do this, there may be another team that suffers damage. I hope that the KBO referees and video reading center will be consistent. Players will not be convinced.”

Baseball Rule 5.09(8) states that with the batter out, ‘the batter runner runs outside (right) of the 3-foot line or inside (left) the foul line while running the second half between home base and first base, and handles a throw to first base. If, in the judgment of the umpire, obstruction of a fielder. However, it does not matter if you run outside (right) or inside (left) the 3-foot line to avoid fielders handling batted balls.

It is difficult to see that he made a move to avoid Shin Bum-soo, Pirella, or a beast that was specifically handling the batted ball. It should be seen that he just naturally played inside the fair/foul line. However, Shin Bum-soo had no intention of interfering with the throw. He rather stuck to the side of the line than Pirella and played. Ryu Jin-wook was also conscious of Shin Beom-soo and did not even sneak aside.

At that time, the defense and running were more natural, but while Shin Bum-soo’s defense obstruction was recognized, Yang Hyeon-jong’s throwing to Choi Won-joon, who sneaked out to the side, conscious of Pirella, became a bad throw. Even so, it is said that this was not recognized as defensive interference, so KIA has no choice but to be unfair. Anyway, KBO is in the position that Yang Hyeon-jong’s throw was a natural bad throw. If so, I cannot erase the impression that the judgment of the game on June 16 was ambiguous.

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