Former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, ‘Son Heung-min’s teacher’, took the Chelsea baton and held his first press conference. Returning to London as Chelsea manager after parting ways with Tottenham, manager Pochettino has been entrusted with the heavy task of rebuilding Chelsea, a club that finished last season in 12th place, its worst finish.안전놀이터

Pochettino said at a press conference on the 8th (Korean time), “I’ve been waiting for a year. I’m so proud to be here now. Chelsea brought me here and it was a great opportunity to come back to the Premier League.” “Chelsea is a really great club. I’m proud of my past, but I just want to move forward. I want to focus on what the fans expect from me and build a good relationship with everyone here.” “We are playing really hard and I have confidence in this club and in the owner. I hope everyone at Chelsea will be positive and the fans will believe in us,” he added. Asked for his thoughts on Mason Mount’s move to Manchester United, he added: “When I talk about what’s to come, I just want to talk about the players in the squad now. Now he’s at Manchester United,” he said. “I want to focus on our players right now. “, he drew the line.

The will to win was also clearly stated. “My goal is to win. You can’t just come out and play a good game while you’re at Chelsea. Our style and philosophy is to play well, but you have to win as well. Together with the players, we start by trusting each other. We have to start. We have to work really, really hard and we have to bring this energy to our fans, because the Premier League is a really tough league,” he reiterated his winning mentality.

Pochettino also revealed the secret story of the negotiation process with Chelsea. “I was supposed to have my first meeting with the general manager, and I asked, ‘Are you in the position to persuade me, or am I in the position to persuade you?’ I think I’ll have to change into a shirt.’ A good conversation ensued from the start, and they explained their plans for the future.

” All I can do at the training ground now is do my best.” “Neither I nor any of the players can ask for six months to compete at the top position. I want to build a team with players who can create results,” he said.

Regarding Romelu Lukaku’s pre-season return to Chelsea, he said, “To join the pre-season, you have to come in around the 12th or 13th.” “On the day pre-season begins, players will come to my office to say hello, and I look forward to seeing Lukaku, like all other players, if he is still a Chelsea player,” he said.

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