Kylian Mbappe is outraged by the club’s promotional video that exaggerates himself.

Recently, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) produced and announced a video to promote the 2023-24 season. The main character of the video was Mbappe. It was a short video made by adapting the interview scene where Mbappe reveals his affection for PSG.

Of course, the club would have produced a video in a good sense, but the video immediately became the center of controversy. The only PSG players who appear properly in the video are Mbappe and Nunu Mendes. It feels as if Mbappe is the center of the team, and PSG is a team only for Mbappe, with only Mbappe.

Although PSG is overflowing with outstanding superstars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos and Marco Verratti, most of them are invisible. Fans are interpreting this as saying that PSG is thinking of dumping most players.

Due to the recent transfer rumors, these opinions have increased. Messi is not renewing his contract with PSG and news is coming out that he wants to return to Barcelona. Neymar has been trying to sort things out at PSG since last season, although there have been no recent transfer rumors. 온라인바카라

As a result, there is also an interpretation that the club’s plan to create a team focused on Mbappe appeared properly through the promotional video. It is an unchanging fact that Mbappe, the best French star, is PSG’s present and future, but this video feels quite explicit.

When the controversy arose because of the promotional video, Mbappe eventually went on to suppress it himself. He said on his personal SNS, “I only participated in the club re-subscription campaign for the 2023-24 season. I never told you about the content of the interview. It looked like a basic interview for the club marketing day. I do not agree with the posted video. PSG is a big club. He is a big family, but he is by no means Kylian Saint-Germain.”

Now, the aftermath must be dealt with by the club. It is a controversy created due to the mistake of not giving Mbafe a prior notice about the video production and not including Messi and Neymar and other players in the video.

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