Average of 34 minutes in 7 playoff games and 22.3 points.

Professional basketball Goyang Carrot Lee Jung-hyun (24) continues his playoff performance as a ‘monster’. In addition to technical perfection and basketball intelligence uncharacteristic of a second-year pro, he is equipped with physical strength and fighting spirit, and is in the process of being reborn as a complete form under the guidance of master coach Kim Seung-gi. The expectation of becoming the next generation MVP is turning into confidence.

Lee Jeong-hyun played in all 7 playoff games Carrot played this month and raised an average of 22.3 points. As of the 16th, only Seoul SK Jamil Warney (26 points) and teammate Didric Lawson (22.9 points) recorded more playoff average points than that in the round of 6 this season. Anyang KGC Omari Spellman (20.5 points) and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Gage Prim (20.2 points) are also entering the fold.

Carrot averaged 74.6 points during this period. 30% of the team’s score was born at his fingertips. In other words, the 2nd year professional guard is showing the offensive power that can be expected from most foreign 1 option. With an average of 9.7 points in the 2021-2022 season and an average of 15 points in this regular season, it is a remarkable growth even considering the short-term nature of the playoffs.

Considering all the conditions, Lee Jung-hyun’s performance is even more surprising. The first thing he noticed was his stamina. He ran for an average of 34 minutes while digesting 7 forced marches with 1-2 days apart. It was difficult to expect his physical strength in a situation where main gun Jeon Seong-hyeon was in poor condition.

His shot feeling wasn’t particularly elevated either. In five of the seven playoff games, his 3-point shooting percentage was below 30%. He fell far short of his regular season success rate of 34.2%. 토토사이트

Nevertheless, in every match, he put on a scoring show against formidable opponents. Sometimes he found a breakthrough with a quick attack and dribble, sometimes a post-up using a match with the opponent’s defense, and sometimes a clever play that induces a foul.

The second leg of the semifinal against KGC held the day before was the highlight. It exploded with 32 points as if to avenge the crushing defeat in the previous game. He made four 3-pointers and attempted 10 free throws, all of which were successful. In defense, he also led the victory by recording 5 decisive steals. Another ‘Kim Seung-gi-pyo monster’ KGC Byeon Jun-hyeong flew around and foreshadowed a war over the next generation’s best guard position.

Although the balance was balanced with 1 win and 1 loss, Carrot is still an underdog. His objective power and stamina are all inferior. Two more wins are needed to advance to the championship match. However, the fighting spirit and Lee Jung-hyun’s explosive growth, which seemed to come together as one, are definitely as valuable a harvest as winning the series. This is true not only for Carrot and the fans, but also for the whole of Korean basketball, which is looking forward to the birth of another star.

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