It seems unlikely that Kylian Mbappe will head to Saudi Arabia.

Multiple European local media outlets, such as Britain’s ‘The Athletic’, ‘Sky Sports’, Spain’s ‘Lellebo’ and France’s ‘L’Equipe’, said on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), “Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) accepted the offer of 300 million euros (approximately 423.2 billion won) proposed by Al Hilal to recruit Mbafe.” Also, according to a report by ‘Football España’, Al-Hilal is expected to offer Mbafe 700 million euros (approximately 987.4 billion won), including salary, bonuses and commercial profits.체스카지노

Mbappe is a player representing PSG. Ever since he left AS Monaco and joined PSG, he has been classified as a key resource at PSG, and has become one of PSG’s legends despite his young age by recording numerous attack points. Mbafe, who also played as a key striker in the French national team, won the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and finished runner-up in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

I thought we would remain good friends, but recently our relationship with PSG has changed. The cold atmosphere continues after Mbappe announced that he has no plans to renew the contract as well as plans not to trigger the contract extension option. PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has threatened that Mbafe will have to choose between renewing the contract and moving in the transfer market this summer, but Mbappe intends to fill the remaining contract period until next season.

As Mbappe was excluded from PSG’s Asian tour list, rumors of discord grew. PSG released the Asian tour roster ahead of the pre-season schedule in Japan, but Mbappe’s name was missing. Since there was no word that Mbappe was injured, everyone is speculating that the roster was left out due to a feud.

The reason PSG want to sell Mbappe this summer is money. Mbappe will become a free agent (FA) when his contract expires next year. PSG’s chance to collect the transfer fee for Mbappe is virtually the last in the transfer market this summer.

However, it is known that Mbappe still wants to transfer next year. It was reported that Mbappe would definitely leave the team even if he spent this season on the bench for a transfer. Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Even if Mbappe sits on the bench throughout the season, he wants to leave PSG next summer without leaving a transfer fee. Currently, Mbappe is ready to move to Real Madrid.”

The media explained, “PSG prefers players who are committed to the club and want to stay with the team, and have made it clear that no player is more important than the club. However, Mbappe is ready to sit on the bench without playing for PSG until his contract expires next summer. Despite the UEFA Euro schedule next summer, Mbappe’s mind has not changed. PSG will have to pay Mbappe a salary and bonuses until he leaves next summer without leaving a transfer fee.” did

Doubts also spread. “PSG believes that it has already concluded talks with Real Madrid on the condition that Mbappe join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024. Currently, Real is adjusting the schedule. Mbappe was to become a free agent next year and transfer for free. And now, there is movement in Real’s Mbappe project,” he said.

The problem was Mbappe’s transfer fee. No matter how much the contract remains for one year, PSG has no intention of selling Mbappe at a cheap price. Solhekol explained that PSG had put a €170 million price tag on Mbappe. It is true that not many clubs can afford to pay this amount of money. Even Real Madrid, which claims to want Mbappe, is unlikely to open its wallet.

In this situation, Al-Hilal approached Mbafe. It is known that Al-Hilal is preparing to offer Mbappe a one-year contract based on information that Mbappe has not been able to repair his relationship with PSG and that he is aiming to move to Real Madrid a year later. Al-Hilal’s plan is to play for Saudi Arabia for a year with a huge salary, and to transfer to the team he wants when he becomes a free agent after a year.

It’s a proposition that any player will be tempted by. If Al-Hilal’s promised amount of 700 million euros is correct, Mbafe will be able to continue his career without worrying about his money anymore. It means he can invest a year to save his whole life from worrying.

But Mbappe doesn’t seem to have any plans to head to Saudi Arabia. On the 25th, after the report came out, Spain’s ‘Lelebo’ said, “PSG can accept an offer from any team other than Al-Hilal, but no matter how good the offer is, it cannot force Mbappe to transfer. Mbappe does not want to go to Saudi Arabia. PSG’s action to press will be useless.”

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