As a result of video reading (VAR), there was a difference of 5 points.

The British media Mirror reported on the 16th (Korean time),온라인카지노 ‘What about the English Premier League (EPL) leaderboard without VAR? Liverpool are the biggest beneficiaries.”

The media calculated the rankings including the VAR controversy that occurred in the EPL this season. Man City appeared to have lost three points. Manchester City currently have 51 points. He said it would have been 54 points had it not been for the VAR controversy in Man City. The Mirror saw it as losing points in matches against Newcastle in August of last year and against Liverpool in October of last year.

Mirror cited Liverpool as the biggest beneficiary of VAR. The media said, ‘Liverpool are having a miserable time this season. However, it is the biggest beneficiary of VAR. If there was no VAR, it would have been 5 points lower.” Liverpool are currently on 32 points. According to the media’s calculations, the absence of VAR drops to 27 points.

On the other hand, Mirror said, ‘Man United would have lost two points without VAR. Tottenham said there is no change at 39 points.

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