Los Angeles Angels’ second day of training was held at 9:00 am on the 16th (local time) at the Diablo Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, USA.바카라

Dozens of reporters were busy from early morning.

The reporters gathered at the brief outdoor press conference in front of the ‘training ground no. 4’ and stared at the passage next to the clubhouse.

Maybe 30 minutes passed. The sound of the camera shutter echoed loudly.

Numerous camera lenses were focused on an Asian player walking with team officials.

The main character was Shohei Ohtani (29), the “superstar” of the Los Angeles Angels.

Ohtani maintained a bright expression as if she was accustomed to flash baptism. He leisurely saluted his teammates at the training ground.

Ohtani, who came in between the reporters, sat down in front of a prepared table and tapped the microphones.

“Now, the American reporters will ask questions first, and the Japanese reporters will take questions second.”

An Angels official introduced the order of the interview to dozens of reporters holding a microphone connected to the audio device.

The American and Japanese reporters began asking questions in turn, as if they were used to the way interviews were conducted.

The Angels’ ‘simple press conference’ was born after joining Ohtani.

After joining the Angels in 2018, Ohtani, Japan’s greatest sports star, has been with numerous Japanese reporters.

Because so many Japanese reporters were competing, the Angels made a separate ‘Otani Reporting Rule’.

Normally, MLB reporters are free to interview players in the clubhouse before or after a game or training session, but Ohtani is an exception.

Reporters are not allowed to ask questions of Ohtani in the clubhouse.

The Washington Post reported in 2018, “Dozens of Japanese media sent dedicated reporters to cover one Ohtani,” and “The Angels club created rules for media activity for Ohtani.”

The Washington Post said, “Ohtani receives special treatment.”

Due to the large number of reporters, the Angels team even hired Grace McNamie, a Japanese-American communications team manager.

Manager McNamie, who I met at the press conference that day, said, “There are more than 70 reporters at the press conference today.”

This means that close to 100 reporters are always gathering to cover Ohtani’s every move.

However, this year may be the end of the raucous atmosphere of coverage.

This is because Ohtani will qualify as a free agent (FA) after the 2023 season.

On this day, when asked about free agency, Ohtani said, “I haven’t heard from the club about extending the contract. This year is the last year I signed with the Angels, and I just want to focus on the game. That’s all I think about.”

Ohtani, who doubles as a pitcher, is the greatest star changing MLB history.

As a pitcher this season, Ohtani posted 15 wins and 9 losses, an ERA of 2.33, and 219 strikeouts.

He left great records such as achieving 200 strikeouts and 30 home runs for the first time in the MLB, and achieving the required innings (162 innings) and required at-bats (502) at the same time.

Ohtani’s free agent ‘expected ransom’ exceeds $500 million (approximately 649.4 billion won). This is also the best ever.

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