“Why don’t people talk about Boras’ failure? In the end, what matters is the product.”

‘Grandson of the Wind’ Lee Jeong-hoo (25), who announced his advance to the major leagues, and Scott Boras, who is called the devil’s agent, joined hands. 메이저사이트

Because it was a meeting of people who achieved the best results in their fields, it attracted a lot of attention and topics.

However, for Lee Jung-hoo, the contract with Boras is only announcing the start of his trip to the major leagues. Even Boras couldn’t make something that couldn’t be done.

Basically, when the product is good, Boras’ sales ability can shine. Although we are forgetting, there are also many failure cases of Boras.

First of all, he could not lead Na Seong-beom to advance to the major leagues. I posted to the major leagues, but not a single team made a bid.

Na Seong-beom’s considerable age and history of injuries caught his ankle. This is an example of Boras showing that no matter how capable an agent is, nothing can be done if the customer’s marketability is low.

The closest thing that happened was Shim Jun-seok’s contract. Shim Jun-seok was selected as one of the top 10 foreign prospects, and it was evaluated that his contract fee could soar to 2 million dollars.

However, Shim Jun-seok’s agent, Boras, only managed to pull out $750,000. It can be said to be an example of Boras’ failure.

Park Chan-ho was also a customer of Boras, but the end was not good. It was because he was not satisfied with Boras’ care. He didn’t have a good breakup.

A major league team scout said, “Our club has no interest in Lee Jung-hoo. It’s because the outfield lineup hasn’t been passionate for several years. So I think I can speak more objectively,” he said. “If you think that the contract with Boras will solve everything, it is a big mistake. Boras has an excellent ability to make a good product stand out, but he is not the type of agent who creates something out of nothing. This is because the club and personal connections are weak. In the end, it can be said that Lee Jung-hoo’s advancement to the major leagues depends on Lee Jung-hoo. You’ve done very well so far. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it met almost everything the major leagues wanted. One year left now. If he performs impressively in international competitions such as the WBC and finishes the season well, Lee Jung-hoo will be able to hit the jackpot. However, if performance is below expectations, his ransom may be significantly reduced. It seems obvious, but they say that after signing the contract with Boras, the level of their eyes has risen too high. Even Boras couldn’t create something that didn’t exist. The market has to be formed well, and Lee Jung-hoo’s grades are also very important. We need to do our best until the last minute,” he said.

Again, it should be emphasized that the FA market cannot produce results only with good product quality. Luck plays a role and how the market is formed is also important. No matter how good your sales skills are, if the market does not stand properly, it may not be of any help.

The meeting between Lee Jung-hoo and Boras is just a small event to announce the start. What is important is how the major league outfield market will unfold after a year, and whether Lee Jung-hoo will be able to produce his own results without wavering. The presence of Boras will appear after that.

Boras also fails. There are no unconditional terms in FA contracts. The most important thing is whether Lee Jung-hoo can be recognized for his own value.

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