Korean women’s ice hockey team goalie Heo Eun-bi (20, University of Connecticut) was selected as the April MVP at the 2023 MBN Women’s Sports Awards.

Heo Eun-bi attended the awards ceremony held at the Maekyung Media Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 12th and received a plaque and prize money.

Heo Eun-bi played a decisive role in helping the national team win all five games in the Division 1 Group B (3rd Division) match of the 2023 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Women’s World Championship held in Suwon last month.

The national team won the championship with 4 wins, 1 consecutive win, and 14 points, and succeeded in being promoted to the World Championship Division 1 Group A (second division) for the first time in history.

In her last tournament, her A-match debut, Eunbi Huh blocked a whopping 119 of her opponent’s 125 shots.

Thanks to Heo Eun-bi’s defense, the national team gave up only two points in a power play (number advantage or inferiority due to temporary dismissal).

On the other hand, we got 7 points on the power play where we had an advantage.

In particular, Eunbi Huh allowed only one goal out of 75 shots in the matches against Italy and Poland, which were the biggest hurdles for her promotion.

Eunbi Huh said, “I am happy to receive such a good award. I think of it as representing everyone, and I will repay you with better skills and grades in the next competition.”메이저사이트

She continued, “I will not be complacent about advancing to the second division, and I will develop my skills to win medals in the second division as well.”

The MBN Women’s Sports Awards Jury Committee said, “It is surprising that Korean women’s ice hockey, which has neither a high school team nor a university team, achieved promotion to the second division of the world competition for the first time in history. In reality, it played a very big role,” he said, revealing the background of the selection.

The MBN Women’s Sports Award was established in 2012 to revitalize women’s sports and encourage Korean women’s sportspersons.

Every month, a player who shines in women’s sports is selected as the monthly MVP and awarded, and at the end of the year, a comprehensive award ceremony is held by inviting players who have contributed to raising the status of Korean women’s sports for a year.

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