Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance prepares for a new season with a new head.

On the 1st, Heungkuk Life Insurance appointed Managing Director Heo Jeong-min, head of Taekwang Group’s Public Relations Office, as the leader. An official from Heungkuk Life Insurance said on the 9th, “We notified the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) of the change of leader.”

In Heungkuk Life Insurance, the head of the public relations office of the parent company has generally served as the head of the volleyball team. General Manager Heo also took charge of Heungkuk Life Insurance as the head of the public relations office in this personnel appointment.

Former general manager Shin Yong-joon, who was put in during a crisis, leaves the volleyball team in about four months.

Heungkuk Life suffered a storm last season.

In January, when the team was running second in the regular league, coach Kwon Sun-chan was dismissed, causing controversy.

After two months of opening, the club said goodbye to both the manager and the general manager, and Shin Yong-jun, head of the sales division, took over the general manager’s position to calm the atmosphere. Shin has previously served as the volleyball team leader.카지노사이트

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who finished the season with the new general manager system, appointed manager Marcello Abondanza at the end of the season and started reorganization again. After finishing the season in first place in the regular league, the team faced Korea Expressway Corporation in the championship match and had to be satisfied with the runner-up.

While the team found stability, former general manager Shin resigned and the newly appointed general manager Heo system continued to challenge for the top next season.

On the other hand, Heungkuk Life Insurance is preparing for the next season by retaining Kim Yeon-kyung, the ‘biggest word’, in this free agent (FA) market and bringing Kim Su-ji to raise its power to the next level.

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