Women’s professional volleyball KGC Ginseng Corporation announced on the 18th that it had renewed contracts with free agent (FA) middle blocker Han Song-i (39) and setter Yeom Hye-sun (32).

Songi Han signed a contract for a total of 210 million won per year, including an annual salary of 200 million won and an option of 10 million won. Yeom Hye-seon receives a total of 350 million won per year, including an annual salary of 330 million won and an option of 20 million won. 온라인바카라

The FA contract period is 3 years unless special conditions are attached.

Songi Han tied the record for the most FA contracts (six) in the V-League Women’s Division along with free agent middle blocker Dae-Young Jeong (42), who signed with GS Caltex for a total of 300 million won (250 million won in annual salary and 50 million won in options) for a year.

The KGC Ginseng Corporation club explained, “We focused on maintaining the current power as much as possible, which showed a good performance in the second half of last season, by renewing contracts with the key players who are the center of the team.”

Through the club, Yeom Hye-seon said, “I am grateful to the club for treating me the best among the women’s setters.” I will prepare for the next season with the mindset of welcoming the 7th round of the season.”

Han Song-yi expressed his aspirations, saying, “I thank the club and will be more faithful to my role as the chief staff so that I can win the championship at KGC Ginseng Corporation and retire.”

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