The World Archery (WA), the international federation (IF) of archery, is opposed to Russian and Belarusian athletes advancing to the Olympics through the Asian Games in Hangzhou. 먹튀검증

According to ‘Inside the Games’ on the 4th, WA said in a statement, “The WA Executive Committee has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and currently maintains sanctions against the countries and governments of Russia and Belarus. “WA is in talks with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about obtaining the status of individual athletes from neutral countries (Russia and Belarus) participating in the qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

“There was a (IOC) proposal that neutral players (Russia and Belarus) compete through the Asian Games,” he said. It has been decided that neutral players should not be used as potential pathways to qualification.”

The IOC recently announced that Russian and Belarusian athletes can participate in next year’s Paris Olympics through neutral status, citing the opinion of the majority of global sports figures.

Then, Russian and Belarusian players mentioned Asian regional competitions, such as participating in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, as a route to earn points for the Olympic finals.

Europe has already nailed the two countries’ players not being able to participate, ‘Chin-Russia’

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