“I was explained how to do those techniques that I had only seen in videos, and in what posture and situation to apply them to work.”메이저사이트

Men’s colleges are busy preparing for the opening of the college basketball league. Winter training is also coming to an end. Some teams are leaving for overseas field training that they have not been able to do recently due to Corona 19. One of them is Yonsei University.

Yonsei University left for the United States (Irvine) on the 25th of last month and returned to Korea on the 18th. Yonsei University spent about a month winter in the United States under Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok.

Yonsei University, led by coach Yun Ho-jin and coach Kim Yong-woo, returned after a long absence from the United States. It is natural for freshmen, and this is the first time that all players up to the fourth grade have experienced field training in the United States.

Yonsei University’s off-campus training schedule in the US continues with practice matches after skill and weight training.

In order to reap the effectiveness of field training, you must first prepare properly before leaving for the United States.

Director Yun Ho-jin said in a phone call on the 21st, “I had a creak while preparing for various issues such as visas. Nevertheless, he made the players adapt and understand the basic framework of Yonsei University,” he said. He showed the moves he learned through practice matches with Jeonju KCC and Yongsan High School.”

Lee Jeong-hyeon (Carrot), who has experienced two training camps in the US, said, “Since their skills and physical skills are several steps above us, I was free from the pressure of offense and defense when I came to Korea after playing with those players. It seems to be a good experience to experience advanced basketball and watch college basketball or NBA games.” If you just go up, you will be blocked, so I tried a lot of plotters and Eurosteps in the US. So, it came out naturally in Korea. As I was hit with blocks several times, I realized that I couldn’t put it up like this.”

What do you think coach Yun Ho-jin thinks was the effect of this US field training?

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “When we first practiced, the American players were in good shape, so we couldn’t follow the promised moves and avoided them, but as we got used to it, it got better. In the United States, we couldn’t play a practice game with a team that suits our taste, but we tried to maximize the players’ abilities,” he said.

Then, it was reviewed in more detail.

“I have been to and from the United States several times as a manager or coach. Technology cannot keep up with us. I was told how to do those techniques that I had only seen in videos, and how to apply them in what posture and situation. Training that I have not done before helps to change the atmosphere.

If the skills of the players improve dramatically just because they receive 1-2 weeks of skill training in the US, everyone will receive it. Since that is not the case, I edit and collect videos that are helpful to the players with coach Kim Yong-woo, and incorporate them into our training.

In the practice game, it helped the big players to fight under the goal. If you’re immersed for a while, the opponents laugh before the game, but during the game, they do it strong and properly, so they come out bleeding. If you learn the atmosphere through practice games like that, you create a team atmosphere where you work hard on your own.

In America, players work really hard. See good things, learn good things. Coach Eun Hee-seok also thought that if training in the United States is not helpful, he should go back and train harder. Neither do I.

It is also positive in terms of morale because all the players, including the 4th year players, are the first to train in the US. Because NBA graduates teach (skill training), I trained with Darren Collison about 4 times and played practice games together. The practice game in the US was also good.”

After returning from the U.S., Yonsei University, which started team training with jet lag, will hold practice games with Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and Changwon LG to check their strength.

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