Lee Jung-hyun visited the university league to cheer on his Yonsei teammates.

Lee Jung-hyun of the Seoul Samsung Thunders visited the KUSF University Basketball U-League 2023 matchup between Korea University and Yonsei University at Hwajung Gymnasium on 25 May.

Basketball fans packed Hwajung Gymnasium for the first matchup of the season between two of Korea University’s top rivals.메이저놀이터

Many travelled to the stadium to watch the game in person. From current players to seniors such as commentators Kim Tae-sul and Lee Kyu-seop, Yonsei’s most famous player, Lee Jung-hyun, was one of them.

“I have a team meeting next week, so this is my last week of holiday. I came to the stadium to cheer on the juniors because I had some time to spare.”

Despite the support of the seniors, the Yonsei players struggled throughout the game against Korea University, especially in the second quarter, when they scored just four points in 10 minutes.

Seeing this, Lee Jung-hyun said, “I think the juniors are not showing 100% of their skills. I think the players were nervous because of the rivalry with Korea University. You can’t help but be nervous in a rivalry like this,” he said in an encouraging message.

Lee, who made his professional debut in the 2010-2011 season, will be a 15-year veteran of the KBL next season. Last season, he averaged 11.7 points in all 54 regular-season games, marking his 10th consecutive season with a double-digit scoring average.

Lee said, “After the season ended, I took a good rest, trying not to think about basketball as much as possible. I think I can prepare for the next season with a good body and mind,” he said, vowing to do better in the upcoming season.

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